martedì 28 agosto 2012

[CDG] Caves / Gold beach

Caves - Gold beach

[Video] Astronauts, etc. / You can yell


 Astronauts, etc. - You can yell 

Video di XLVI

[Video] Ghost Outfit / Waste


 Ghost Outfit - Waste 

Diretto da Kamran Ali
From the forthcoming Ghost Outfit album - details coming soon (2012 Sways Records)

[Live] Lotus Plaza / Jet out of the tundra @ Pitchfork Festival 2012


 Lotus Plaza - Jet out of the tundra (@Pitchfork Festival 2012)

Simpatici come una fuga di gas, ma che bella canzone! 


lunedì 27 agosto 2012

[Indie for dummies] Hot Panda / Language

Hot Panda - Language

Hot Panda è un quartetto proveniente da Vancouver. Il loro terzo album Go Outside è uscito lo scorso 17 luglio. 

ESSENTIALS: WWW // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube.

Da GO OUTSIDE (17/7/2012 Mint Records)

domenica 26 agosto 2012

[CDG] Embers / Sins unknown

Embers - Sins unknown 

Manchester's Embers create deeply cinematic music, the kind capable of soundtracking thriller car chases or chaotic torture scenes. After a brief flurry of online hype, the band have announced details of their debut single. 'Tunnel Vision' / 'Sins Unknown' gets a 100 run vinyl release on 24th September, self-released by the band. Each copy comes with a unique digital download code [This is fake DIY]


giovedì 23 agosto 2012

[Canzoni di ieri] The La's / There she goes

The La's - There She Goes 

There she goes 
There she goes again 
Racing thru' my brain 
And I just can't contain 
This feelin' that remains 
There she blows 
There she blows again 
Pulsing thru' my vein 
And I just can't contain 
This feelin' that remains 
There she goes, there she goes again 
She calls my name, pulls my train 
No-one else could heal my pain 
And I just can't contain 
This feelin' that remains 
There she goes 
There she goes again 
Chasing down my lane 
And I just can't contain 
This feelin' that remains

THERE SHE GOES 7" (1988 Go! Discs)

martedì 21 agosto 2012

[CDG] [Indie for dummies] Big Wave / Dying on the vine

Big Wave - Dying on the vine 

ESSENTIALS: Facebook // Twitter // Tumblr // Soundcloud // YouTube //

DYING ON THE VINE 7" (17/8/2012 Art is a hard)

[Canzoni di ieri] Bis / This is fake DIY


 Bis - This is fake DIY 

This is limited edition On icky-coloured vinyl in a poster pack This is.... Get more information send the postcard back This is.... To get the extra songs buy the 2 cd's This is.... And collector fever is killing me Raygun, raygun, do you gotta raygun... This is funded by a major But shabbily packaged to pretend that it's cool This is a fake indie label Release the records you want but yr under our rule This is limited edition With a nice little sticker and a personal number This is limited edtion How they sell it so cheap it's no longer a wonder 


lunedì 20 agosto 2012

[CDG] Overunda / She falls to the floor

Overunda - She falls to the floor

A sound that will remind you of being 14 and having a soft spot for everything that Bright Eyes had done whilst being a little confused by why people gave so much of a fuck about Radiohead. [Lost Lost Lost]

SHE FALLS TO THE FLOOR 7" (30/9/2012)

giovedì 16 agosto 2012

[Indie for Dummies] Tidal Wars // Veils / Earning


Tidal Wars are a four piece from Weston-super-Mare who create noisy, melancholic, post punk songs.

ESSENTIALS: Facebook // Soundcloud //

VEILS/EARNING 7" (26/8/2012 Howling Owl) 

[Indie for Dummies] GRMNL / Coral

GRMNL - Coral 

Born in Kyoto, Japan and raised in southern California, 19-year-old Yoodoo Park aka GRMLN makes sweet dream pop that seems perfectly suited to driving with windows down alongside a picturesque Santa Cruz shoreline. It’s got a unspoiled earnestness (as well as a literalness with tracks like “Patio”) and a studied, pleasant jangle that’s hard to argue with, even if your current location is more penned in office than wide open swaths of sand. GRMLN’s new EP will be out October 23rd on Carpark.[The Fader]


Da EXPLORE EP (23/10/2012 Carpark)

[Indie for Dummies] Playing Tourist / Season

Playing Tourist (California) sono Giancarlo (batteria) e Doug (voce e chitarra).

ESSENTIALS: Facebook // Soundcloud

martedì 14 agosto 2012

[Video] Eternal Summers / You kill

Eternal Summers - You kill

Diretto da Lurid Pictures

[CDG] These Kings / Home

These Kings - Home


[vs] [video] la Shark // Mr Modern Man / Monsieur l'Homme moderne


 La Shark - Mr Modern Man

La Shark - Monsieur l'Homme moderne

[Indie for dummies] Shy Kids / Raise 'em right

Shy Kids - Raise 'em right 

Shy Kids è un trio di Toronto. Nel 2012 hanno pubblicato il loro primo EP.

ESSENTIALS: Facebook // Bandcamp // YouTube

Da FIELD TRIPS EP (1/8/2012)

lunedì 13 agosto 2012

[Live] Cloud Nothings / Separation live on KEXP


 Cloud Nothings - Separation (KEXP)  

Cloud Nothings performs "Separation" live from Barboza during the 2012 Capitol Hill Block Party. Recorded July 22, 2012.

Da ATTACK ON MEMORY (2012 Carpark)

sabato 11 agosto 2012

[Indie for Dummies] Idles // 26/27

Idles // 26/27 

Idles è un quintetto post-punk di Bristol.

ESSENTIALS: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / WWW / YouTube / Flickr.

Da WELCOME EP (Fear of Fiction)

[Video] Theme Park / Jamaica


 Theme Park - Jamaica 

Theme Park's second single of their Debut Album, details for which will be announced soon. Released on the 20th of August 2012 on Ltd 7" and digitally.

[Video] We Are The Physics / Applied robotics


 We Are The Physics - Applied robotics 

Diretto da John Sackey

Da APPLIED ROBOTICS 7" (13/8/2012 This is Fake DIY Records)

[Canzoni di ieri] [Video] Wolfman feat. Pete Doherty / For lovers


 Wolfman feat. Pete Doherty - For lovers (2004) 

I'm Running Away With You
That's All I Ever Do
That's All We Ever Mean
I Forgive You
Meet Me At The Railroad Bar
About 7 Oclock
We Joke While The Sun Goes Down
Watch The Lovers
Leaving Town

This Is For Lovers
Running Away
This Is For Lovers
Running Away
Just For Today

I'm Running Away With You
From Yesterday's News
Let's Leave It All Behind
Help Me Back To My Mind
I've Paid The Penalty
Your The Jailer Rattling The Key
But The Key Is Mine
I Keep A Spare One Every Time

This Is For Lovers
Running Away
This Is For Lovers
Running Away
Just For Today

This Is For Lovers
Running Away
This Is For Lovers
Running Away
Just For Today
This Is For Lovers
Running Away
This Is For Lovers
Running Away
Just For Today

This Is For Lovers
Running Away 

Da FOR LOVERS 7" (12/4/2004 Rough Trade)

[CDG] PEACE / California Daze

PEACE - California Daze 

Whereas previous singles ‘Follow Baby’ and ‘Bblood’ whet the appetites of tastemakers and local Brummy loyalists alike, the latest single has an indisputable universal appeal. Comparisons to the Arctic Monkeys’ ‘A Certain Romance’ sprang up within seconds of the song’s emergence; that stripped-down, classic style of songwriting - it’s almost like a close friend from school days who’d nigh on been forgotten about showing their face again. [#]

Da DELICIOUS EP (9/9/2012 Columbia)

giovedì 9 agosto 2012

[CDG] Buke & Gase / Misshaping Introduction

Buke & Gase - Misshaping Introduction 

Da THE FUNCTION FALLS EP (Brassland 11/9/2012)

[Indie for dummies] Drop out Venus / I kill foxes

Drop out Venus - I kill foxes 

Drop out Venus è un trio di Deptford (South East London). 

Essentials: WWW / Facebook / Twitter / Tumbl  / Bamdcamp / YouTube / SoundCloud

[vs] [Tanto pe' cantà] Bigmuff vs musimatic?

[Video] Holograms / Hidden Structures

 Holograms - Hidden Structures 

 Da HOLOGRAMS (10/7/2012 Captured Tracks)

[Indie for dummies] Holograms / Monolith

Holograms - Monolith 

Holograms è un quartetto post punk di Stoccolma. Il loro primo album è uscito il 10 luglio 2012 su Captured Tracks.

Essentials: Facebook, WWW, Tumblr.

Da HOLOGRAMS (10/7/2012 Captured Tracks). Ascoltalo in streaming qui

lunedì 6 agosto 2012

[Video] Childhood / Haltija


Childhood - Haltija 

"Haltija", which is Finnish for 'Holder, Bearer or Occupier', is easily the bands most audacious (and perhaps best) effort to date. 

Diretto da Fred Ellis

[Video] Sleepies / Terra firma


Sleepies - Terra firma

Terra Firma is a two-minute blast of teetering, raucous, punk-speed rock, all fast and loose and full of fierce, kinetic focus. It’s by Brooklyn’s Sleepies, and should be particularly enjoyable for fans of The Men, whose Ben Greenberg produced it along with the rest of the forthcoming LP Weird Wide World. [#]
Diretto da Preston Spurlock

Da WEIRD WILD WORLD (21/8/2012 Godmode/16oh)

domenica 5 agosto 2012

[Video] Tashaki Miyaki / Best friend


Tashaki Miyaki - Best friend

Diretto da Juan Iglesias

Da BEST FRIENDS/TONIGHT AA7" (6/8/2012 Luv Luv Luv)

[Live] Alt-J // Fitzpleasures / Breezeblocks on KCRW


 Alt-J - Fitzpleasures


 Alt-J - Breezeblocks

[Video] Crushed Beaks / Grim

Crushed Beaks - Grim

Here's the new vid from Crushed Beaks, for recent single 'Grim'. Directed by Jonny Sanders, it's a more than worthy reworking of those great Italian horror movies from the 70s, complete with locusts, eyeballs and – at around the 50 second mark – what could possibly be a rogue asparagus bunch. Or not, perhaps. In any case it's great. da NME

Diretto da Jonny Sanders
Da GRIM 7" (2012 Paint it Black Records)

sabato 4 agosto 2012

[CDG] Horrid Red / Nightly Wreaths (Suite)

Horrid Red - Nightly Wreaths (Suite)

Horrid Red is an offshoot of Teenage Panzerkorps, consisting of Bunker Wolf, Edmund Xavier, and Catholic Pat & Clay Ruby (Burial Hex). Horrid Red explore the dusty corners of dark post-punk music with existential frontman Bunker Wolf up front, in the spotlight. 

Waking up only for a few minutes 
waking up once in a million years 
only to make sure to carry on 
sleeping for another million years 
sometimes I feel the beauty of things
inside them and only for them alone 
but mostly, all the things seem so small
what an amassement of tiny, little things 
and only believing in this 
I feel the grandeur and perfection 
of waterfalls, rocks, alps and caves. 

Da NIGHTLY WREATHS (9/10/2012 Terrible Records)