mercoledì 17 ottobre 2012

lunedì 15 ottobre 2012

[CDG] Girls Names / The new life

Psychedelic Belfast natives GIRLS NAMES have released their new single through Tough Love Records, ahead of their almost- finished follow-up to 2011’s Dead To Me L.P. The hazy optimism of The New Life’s chord progression – which reveals itself amidst the endlessly recurrent cycle of three-note guitar phrases - oddly recalls Blur, whilst the incessant, almost monotonous repetition shows their more krautrock-y side, embedding the riffs firmly in the mind of the listener.

Da THE NEW LIFE 12" (12/11/2012 Slumberland Records)

domenica 14 ottobre 2012

[CDG] Popstrangers / Heaven

Popstrangers are Joel Flyger, Adam Page and David Larson, three native New Zealanders who make “pop” music that’s hard-driving, punk-influenced and sonically inimitable. After releasing several singles on fabled New Zealand label Flying Nun, the band arrives with their debut album Antipodes. Recorded in the basement of a 1930's dancehall, Popstrangers’ first full-length features dissonant, claustrophobic melodies, anchored by the languid affectations of Flyger’s vocals, that bring a vintage feel to their decidedly contemporary garage rock. Channeling early Radiohead and kiwi indie bands of yore like the Gordons, 3Ds and the Chills, Antipodes further develops the band’s nuanced, distorted “pop” created and cultivated from years spent honing their craft live.

Da ANTIPODES (23/2/2013 Carpark Records)

sabato 13 ottobre 2012

[CDG] Cold Pumas / Sherry Island

The Brighton band will release Persistent Malaise on November 5th via Faux Discx/Gringo Records/Italian Beach Babes. 

Da PERSISTENT MALAISE (5/11/2012 Faux Discx)