lunedì 17 settembre 2012

[Canzoni di ieri] [Live] Dinosaur Jr / Goin' home


 Dinosaur Jr - Goin' home 

In the place you said you'd meet me, 
I don't see you hanging around.
I'm goin' home.

If that's all you ever tell me, 
seems you don't wanna be found 
I'm goin' home.

Don't come over, I can't get lower.
No more meetin', I been beaten

Got a blast of what I should be busy doing. 
Guess I'm low.
I'm goin' home.

I want to tell you that I miss you, 
but I'm pissed you blew me off 
I'm goin' home.

No more meetin', I been beaten 
Go ahead fake it, I can't shake it 

I breathe on the notion...
I breathe, nothin' I can do.

Vibes are poundin',
the tension's mountin',
wrapped around me feelin' tight. 
I'm goin' home.

If you're castin' out some psycho,
need-me tantrum, I won't bite.
I'm goin' home.
On a day that's burnin' this craze,
don't tempt me 'cause I might 
I'm goin' home.

If it's gonna be the last time, 
well then maybe it's alright.
I'm goin' home.

It's inside, but go ahead fight it.
I've about had it, go ahead grab it.
I can't take it, go ahead fake it.

I breathe on the notion...
I need and you know it's true
I breathe on an old dream... 
I need, but nothin' I can do.

People tell me that you miss me and I guess I'm doin' fine 

Da WHERE YOU BEEN (1993 BlancoYNegro)

[Video] Dinosaur Jr. / Watch the corners


 Dinosaur Jr. - Watch the corners 

Diretto da The Director Brothers
Da I BET ON SKY (18/9/2012 Jagjaguwar/PIAS)

domenica 16 settembre 2012

[CDG] Horrid Red / I'm terribly hurt


Da NIGHTLY WREATHS (9/10/2012 Terrible Records)

[Cover] 2:54 / Killer (Adamski/Seal cover)

It's the loneliness that's the killer
So you want to be freeTo live your life the way you wanna beWill you give if we cryWill we live or will we die?
Tainted hearts heal with timeShoot that love, so we can stop the end
Solitary brotherIs there still a part of you that wants to live?Solitary sisterIs there still a part of you that wants to give?
If we try and live your livesThe way you wanna be, yeah
Solitary brotherIs there still a part of you that wants to live?Solitary sisterIs there still a part of you that wants to give?Is there still a part of you that wants to give?Is there still a part of you that wants to give?
Racism in among future kings can only lead to no goodBesides all our sons and daughters already knowHow that feels, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

[CDG] Melody's Echo Chamber / I follow you


 Melody's Echo Chamber - I follow you 

Melody’s Echo Chamber are a Parisian neo-psych group who, after releasing a couple of songs over the summer, are set to drop their debut Lp this month [...] A liltingly melodic masterpiece created around a time-warped guitar line ripped straight from the ghost of 60′s psych-pop I Follow You is at once fragile and satisfyingly visceral. What’s most impressive though, in a song of many varied highlights, are Melody Prochett’s vocals which with their sun-dappled innocence and effortless melody, seem an ode to some nostalgic vision of endless, rose-tinted summers. [S//S//N] 

Diretto da Laurie Lassalle
Da MELODY ECHO CHAMBER (25/9/2012 Weird World)

[Indie for Dummies] Fun Adults / Sap solid

Fun Adults - Sap solid 

Just as a descriptive phrase of its own, “Sap Solid” makes for a nice explanation of UK four-piece Fun Adults’ style of pop, where sentimental acoustic guitar noodling meets woodsy electronic percussion as sturdy as the 200-year-old Leeds barn it was recorded in (literally! they restored the space themselves!). And as a debut single—out Oct 15th via Tough Love—the song makes for an encouraging and intriguing introduction. Smooth as a wet bar of soap. [The FADER]

ESSENTIALS: Tumblr / Facebook / Souncloud / Twitter.

Da SAP SOLID/ACACIA 7"15/10/12 Tough Love Records)

[Video] Beat Connection / Further out


 Beat Connection - Further out 

Qua il video del primo singolo tratto dall'album di debutto del quartetto di Seattle.

Da THE PALACE GARDEN (6/8/2012 Moshi Moshi)

lunedì 3 settembre 2012

[Live] Tropic of Cancer / The one left @ Room 205


 Tropic of Cancer - The one left @ Room 205 

For this stark, spellbinding episode of Room 205, director Luis Farfan worked closely with director of photography Conor Simpson, set designer Tamarra Younis, editor Forrest Borie and sound engineer Jon Gilbert to capture the band's mesmerizing live performance while crafting a world of abstract symbols, ambient sounds and cinematic contrasts, entirely elegant and arresting in their own right. 

Da PERMISSION OF LOVE EP (28/5/2012 Mannequin Records)

[Live] Blouse / They always fly away @ Room 205


Blouse - They always fly away @ Room 205 

For this very special episode of Room 205, director Paul Stec and audio engineer J. Clark guide us on a woozy shoegaze through the gauzy, interstitial dreamworld of Blouse. Unbound from the corporeal constraints of Room 205's 15 x 20ft landscape, the resulting collaboration offers a near-perfect flux of ethereal pop, live performance and poetic imagination.

Da BLOUSE (2012 Captured Tracks)

domenica 2 settembre 2012

[CDG] Jaws // Toucan Surf / Donut

Jaws - Toucan Surf
  Jaws - Donut

Da TOUCAN SURF/DONUT 7" (28/8/2012 Rattlepop)

[Video] Palma Violets / Best of friends


Palma Violets - Best of friends 

It's the debut single from Palma Violets, four London chancers who got snapped up by Rough Trade, 'Best Of Friends' has been described as sounding like The Liber-Clash, or Echo & The Bunnymen shooting the shit with Black Lips, or the Modern Lovers fighting Julian Casablancas in some 1978-meets-2001 timewarp. 
This single is released on October 22 via Rough Trade. It's a double-A, with the still-not-online 'Last Of The Summer Wine' the other track. [NME]

Diretto da Jim Tobias
Da BEST OF FRIENDS 7" (21/10/12 Rough Trade)