venerdì 15 giugno 2012

[Video] [Indie for dummies] Only Real / Cinnamon toast


Only Real - Cinnamon toast (2012) 

Realizzato da Freddieboyfilms 

Only Real è il giovanissimo londinese (West London) Niall Galvin.
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[Video] AlunaGeorge / Just a touch


AlunaGeorge - Just a touch (2012) 

AlunaGeorge sono i londinesi Aluna Francis e George Reid.  

Diretto da Laurence Matthew Blake e Matilda Finn della AU Agency
Da YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT (20/4/2012 TriAngle)

giovedì 14 giugno 2012

[Video] Eternal Summers / Wonder


Eternal Summers - Wonder (2012) 

 Da CORRECT BEHAVIOUR (24/7/2012 Kanine Records)

[Video] Yeasayer / Henrietta


 Yeasayer - Henrietta (2012) 

Creato da Yoshi Sodeoka
Da FRAGRANT WORLD (20/8/2012 Secretly Canadians)

[Live] Novella / He's my morning


 Novella - He's my morning (2012) (405tv sessions)


Novella - He's my morning (live@Shacklewell Arms 18/01/2012)

The song is taken from the band’s self-titled EP, available from 28th May on Italian Beach Babes, the label run by Mazes’ Conan Roberts. The release follows Novella’s debut single The Things You Do / Oh Brian. Novella (Hollie Warren (Guitar/Vocals), Sophy Hollington (Guitar), Suki Sou (Bass), Iain Laws (Drums) recently played The Great Escape festival and have shows with Milk Music and Virals in London.

Da NOVELLA EP (28/5/2012 Italian Beach babes)

domenica 10 giugno 2012

[CDG] Slowdance / Boyfriend

Slowdance - Boyfriend (2012) 

Da BOYFRIEND/AIRPORTS 7" (2012 White Iris)

[Video] Blues Control / Love's a rondo


 Blues Control - Love's a rondo (2012) 

Diretto da Sara Tinn
Featuring Tarik Davidson aka Allstar the MTA Mime.
Da VALLEY TANGENTS (19/6/2012 Drag City)

[Video] Beach House / Lazuli


 Beach House - Lazuli (2012) 

Diretto da Allen Cordell
Da BLOOM (2012 SubPop)

[Video] Die Antwoord / Baby's on fire


 Die Antwoord - Baby's on fire (2012) 

Diretto da Ninja e Terence Neale 
Da TEN$ION (2012 Zef Records)

giovedì 7 giugno 2012

[Video] Wanderlings / Plague me


 Wanderlings - Plague me (2012)

[Indie for dummies] Rangleklods / Young and dumb


 Rangleklods - Young and dumb

Rangleklods's work was initially sketched out in home country Denmark, but became greatly colored by moving to Berlin in early 2010, where routines were forgotten and the vast and eclectic scene sought out. Rangleklods's sound consists of recorded instruments and analogue gear alongside purely digital and intensely programmed patterns intertwining into audioscapes ranging from minimal to 'Wall of Sound'. Both in that regard and composition-wise Rangleklods points just as much backwards towards Pet Sounds and Doors as it does forwards, animated by ie. James Holden and The Field.

you owned the crowd the moment
you stepped through the door into teenage awe
i hid my lust in cold hands
as you told a friend about your discontents
i pretended not to care at all
browsed through posters on the walls
trying to find a courage i knew i didn’t possess
got drunk and lost attention
so i jumped a bit when i saw you sit
right next to me and though we didn’t
share a single word i felt weirdly heard
by the girl i thought i loved
god i was so young and dumb
where are you now and who could you be talking too?
eventually I did what i’ve done ever since then
explained my state without hope, turned and got far away
forgot about her in weeks i’d found somebody else
to rest my nervous eyes upon concealing myself
all these girls i thought i loved
guess i’m just as young and dumb
all these girls i thought i loved
i’m tired of always giving up
and that’s why i only do girls i barely just like
the reason i want you
is because i can’t have you
it’s because i can’t have you
that’s the reason i want you  

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Da HOME EP (2011)

[CGD] Savages / Husbands

Savages - Husbands (2012) 

Da HUSBANDS/FLYING TO BERLIN 7" (28/5/2012 Pop Noire)

mercoledì 6 giugno 2012

[CDG] [Indie for dummies] Fear of Men / Born

Fear of Men - Born (2012)

Fear of Men are a band split between London and Brighton comprising of two girls and two boys. They released their Hanna Schygulla Demos on tape with Sex is Disgusting in March 2011. Their debut single, Ritual Confession, was released August 2011 on Italian Beach Babes, in November they self released the Alice Munro Demos and on June 18th they release their second 7", Green Sea, on Sexbeat.

Da GREEN SEA 7" (18/6/2012 Sexbeat)

[Video] DIIV / How long have you known?


 DIIV - How long have you known? (2012) 

Diretto da Grant Singer
Da OSHIN (26/6/2012 Captured Tracks)

[Video] [Veterani] The Cribs / Glitters like gold


The Cribs - Glitters like gold (2012) 

Here is what the directors, Andy Knowles and Stephen Agnew, had to say about the video:

"We wanted to capture the look and feel of the videos we grew up loving, Vids by directors like David Marky (1991, The Year Punk Broke, Fuzz gun '91) and Kevin Kerslake ('Sliver'). We loved the relaxed playful lo-fi feel of spots, and wanted to evoke the same love in a newer audience. Its also very relevant to the over all sound and feel of the track. However, we didn't want to simply wallow in our own selfish nostalgia, we also wanted to create something playful and interactive to run parallel to the linear video. So we arrived at the idea of creating an interactive fact driven video. Drawing heavily from the late 90s, and now revived VH1 show pop up video, alongside the inane facts that Smash Hits magazine would publish, we created a series of increasingly obscure 'fact bubbles'. When clicked they take you to very silly, some very long, and VERY pointless video relating to the fact." 

Da IN THE BELLY OF THE BRAZEN BULL (2012 Wichita Recordings)

[Video] 2:54 / Creeping

2:54 - Creeping (2012) 

Diretto da Frode & Marcus
Da 2:54 (2012 Polydor)