martedì 4 gennaio 2011

[Video] [News] Chapel Club / Surfacing

Chapel Club - Surfacing (2010)
Surfacing’, the track that propelled the band out of the Dalston wilderness into a nations psyche was originally to be the band’s debut single but with question marks over copyright issues the track never hit the shops. Available digitally on 16th January and as a limited 7” on 17th January, ‘Surfacing’ is released through Loog Records with the band’s debut album ‘Palace’ to follow on 31st January 2011. [#]

Queste sono la copertina del CD Palace e la track list:

1: Depths
2: Surfacing
3: Five Trees (Album version)
4: After the Flood
5: White Knight Poition
6: The Shore
7: Blind
8: Fine Light
9: O Maybe I (Album version)
10: All the Eastern Girls
11: Paper Thin

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  1. eh si, ci devi un sacco di canzoni... buona giornata.