mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

[CDG] PS I love you / Get over

PS I love you - Get over (2011) 

Please talk about your song "Get Over." That fuzz distortion is unstoppable. What are you playing there? How did you get your sounds? Where did you record? Who produced? Get geeky for me.

The big fuzz riff in the chorus has been used in about three different songs over the past four years or so. I originally wrote it and would perform it on the bass. The verse riff was something that I would mess around with but had no plans for until I played it for Benjamin and he started playing this wicked drumbeat with clicky-clacky 16th notes. It really worked, and then it seemed natural that the old fuzz-bass riff would fit as the instrumental chorus hook. So I trashed the old song it was in and I started yelping about stuff into a mic and that's how we wrote "Get Over."

My friend Matt Kicul recorded it in a warehouse in Kingston. I'm playing a telecaster into an Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer into my Music Man amp. I also layered in a clean guitar and a bright-sounding bass guitar. The chorus riff is fuzzed by an Electro-Harmonix metal muff. The organ riff at the end of the song, like the fuzz-bass chorus riff, was from an old song that was going nowhere, so it got transplanted into this one. The organ is an early 1970s Yamaha electric organ. I used an MXR Phase 90 and an Ibanez Analog Delay and ran it into my Music Man amp.

Our producer is Matt Rogalsky. Matt is a professor of experimental music at Queens University in Kingston. He did a lot of magic editing and equalizing to get that sweet drum sound. He also did some sweet treatments on the fuzz-bass riff that make it sound extra synthy and fat. There's probably a lot of other stuff he did that I don't even know about. He's kind of mysterious like that. He does all this work and then plays it for me, and then I turn the guitars way up in the mix and it's done. That's pretty much the basic formula for all our songs. Also, how many times did I use the word "riff"? [#]


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  1. ti sfido ad andare sotto il palco e scoprire la marca di gel del cantante-chitarrista...
    comunque niente male davvero, ottima scelta!