mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

[CGD] [Indie for dummies] Matters / Get in or get out

Matters - Get in or get out (2011)

Before the Toronto artist John O'Regan became the one-man electro-pop spectacle Diamond Rings, he was a member of a rock band called the D'Urbervilles. In fact, he never stopped being part of that group, though they have changed their name and style. Now known as Matters, the band have updated the post-punk style of the D'Urbervilles with the keyboards and romanticism of O'Regan's Diamond Rings material. Get In or Get Out, the band's first single as Matters, emphasizes rhythm and texture as well as O'Regan's handsome baritone, resulting in a track that lies halfway between the sound of Radiohead and the National. The single will be released by O'Regan's Hype Lighter label on April 5th. [#]

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