martedì 25 ottobre 2011

[Video] King Krule / Out getting ribs

King Krule - Out getting ribs (2011)

Hate runs through my blood
What matter are words in love
But my heart always left above
I've gotta believe you now
I thought I'd never be sure about
But girl, I'm black and blue
So beaten down for you
Well, I'm beaten down and blue

Don't break away
I'll waste away
Don't break away

Lay me out across the grey
Hours I should have kept at bay
I had no choice to get away
I can't escape my own mistake
Even more when it's sweet to the taste
Red stairs lead astray
I look up and see for faith
But girl, just lean over and say
"Lay me down"
And hear me out
Take my crown
Submerse me down

But wait
I make my last request
Yours could be the best
But I need to rest
Well I've been broken down
So much has lost it now
I just wanted to say
Girl, don't you worry 'bout a thing
Baby, please

Diretto da Pegs
Da OUT GETTING RIBS/HAS THIS HIT 7" (2011 House Anxiety)

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