venerdì 9 dicembre 2011

[Video] Major Lazer / Original Don

Major Lazer - Original Don (2011) 

[...] a head-spinningly weird viral video is perfectly created, with its original participants all present, and transformed into a perfectly functional music video. Diplo looks perfectly at home in this absurd little house, and I’m not entirely certain what this says about him.[#]

The video for Major Lazer’s “Original Don” takes place in an unassuming suburban house in which the only people who don’t perform elaborately choreographed dances with bladed weapons are Diplo and the grandma. The grandma, it bears mentioning, is the best-dressed person in the entire video. The Partysquad directs, pulling the whole thing from this sublime source material. It is the most Harmony Korine-ish thing you will see all day, and you can watch it below.[#] 

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