venerdì 20 gennaio 2012

[Video] Django Django / Default

Django Django - Default (2012)

Inventive pop adventurers Django Django unveil their hand-painted, stop-motion animation for infectious upcoming single "Default." Embracing a haphazard aesthetic paying homage to the band's roots at art school in Edinburgh, director Dan Brereton printed out each of the 4,000-plus frames of footage of the group performing, giving drummer, producer and de facto leader David Maclean the task of quickly painting across them as they were re-shot for the animation. “I always wanted to make a music video using colors, collage and my background in painting," explains Maclean. "The song just seemed to be the right one for that." Since surfacing three years ago, the band, completed by singer and guitarist Vincent Neff, bassist Jimmy Dixon and synth operator Tommy Grace, have perfected their polyrhythmic and psychedelically tinged sound, recording their self-titled debut LP, released at the end of the month, entirely in Maclean's bedroom with a mic, a broken snare drum and antiquated synth. Channeling a madcap aesthetic that recalls the quintessentially English daftness of comic troupes The Mighty Boosh and Monty Python, the quartet perform live in tunics, safari gear, or homemade masking tape jumpsuits amid stage sets created by London artist Kim Coleman. Says Maclean: "Whether it's album sleeves, record covers or our costumes, it adds another layer to the music." [#]

Da DJANGO DJANGO (esce il 30/1 per Because)

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