mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

[CDG] Melody's Echo Chamber / I follow you


 Melody's Echo Chamber - I follow you 

Melody’s Echo Chamber are a Parisian neo-psych group who, after releasing a couple of songs over the summer, are set to drop their debut Lp this month [...] A liltingly melodic masterpiece created around a time-warped guitar line ripped straight from the ghost of 60′s psych-pop I Follow You is at once fragile and satisfyingly visceral. What’s most impressive though, in a song of many varied highlights, are Melody Prochett’s vocals which with their sun-dappled innocence and effortless melody, seem an ode to some nostalgic vision of endless, rose-tinted summers. [S//S//N] 

Diretto da Laurie Lassalle
Da MELODY ECHO CHAMBER (25/9/2012 Weird World)

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