domenica 2 settembre 2012

[Video] Palma Violets / Best of friends


Palma Violets - Best of friends 

It's the debut single from Palma Violets, four London chancers who got snapped up by Rough Trade, 'Best Of Friends' has been described as sounding like The Liber-Clash, or Echo & The Bunnymen shooting the shit with Black Lips, or the Modern Lovers fighting Julian Casablancas in some 1978-meets-2001 timewarp. 
This single is released on October 22 via Rough Trade. It's a double-A, with the still-not-online 'Last Of The Summer Wine' the other track. [NME]

Diretto da Jim Tobias
Da BEST OF FRIENDS 7" (21/10/12 Rough Trade)

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